Breitling Estilo De Jacaré Fosco Grão Faixa De Relógio (pBreitling Estilo De Jacaré Fosco Grão Faixa De Relógio (pBreitling Estilo De Jacaré Fosco Grão Faixa De Relógio (p

Breitling Estilo De Jacaré Fosco Grão Faixa De Relógio (p

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* Este produto vem dos Estados Unidos DESCRIPCIÓN Breitling Style Matte Alligator Grain Watch Band Silver & Gold Buckle - Havana 14mm * 14mm wide where it connects to the watch. (12mm at the buckle) * Regular Length (7.5") * Silver buckle installed, but also comes with extra gold buckle. * Spring bars included. * Free Shipping. * Remember to read our specifications; Thank you very much for the interest in our product, We hope you have an excellent day - Imppera. * PRODUCT WEIGHT: 0.05 lb * PRODUCT HEIGHT: 1.52 in * PRODUCT LENGTH: 17.02 in * PRODUCT WIDTH: 1 in ESPECIFICACIONES 1. DELIVERY TIME: Being an international shipment, your product will be subject to a customs inspection in the country of destination, which could cause your product does not arrive on the date given by the platform. 2. COST SENT & CUSTOMS TAXES - Rates vary according to the country of destination: (For Mexico) Our company will be responsible for shipping costs if your product does not weigh more than 8kg, In case your product exceeds this figure (8kg) The carrier company where the shipment will be made in this case DHL will charge you for value, for the additional weight that your product has; The nationalization costs I have customs taxes; They are fully assumed by our company. (For Brazil) These values ¿¿will be calculated by Mercado Libre at the time you decide to make the purchase; the costs vary according to the destination city. 3. REGISTERED DATA, SHIPPING ADDRESS AND PURCHASE INVOICE: (If the information in your Free Market profile is not correct, verify this information before making the purchase; According to the Free Market policies, we can not make changes in the information (Keep in mind that the data that was recorded, are those that will be reflected in the invoice). 4. WARRANTY: The warranty only covers manufacturing defects; If your item has a defect, it must be informed within 5 days after receipt of your product (If you do not report within this time, the warranty will not be effective). 5. NO CHANGES: If you want to buy a specific size or color different from the one you see published, check by means of the questions if we have availability; Once the purchase is made, send us a confirmation message; informing us the desired specifications; in case the size you ordered does not fit properly; Please note that, as an international seller, we can not make changes. 6. WE DO NOT ASSUME COSTS AND / OR ADDITIONAL EXPENSES FOR RETURNS:

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